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Our practice involves Bankruptcy law and we have helped many people just like you in the South Florida area. We know Naples Bankruptcy law. We can help you:

  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Stop bank levies
  • Address IRS debt & liens
  • Discharge most unsecured debts
  • Help you save your home
  • Help you save your possessions

Naples Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a set of laws which provides for a possibility to get debt relief. This is an option you should consider if you find yourself unable to pay your debts. Filing for Bankruptcy may liberate you from most of your debts and collection activity. The goal of bankruptcy is to receive a Discharge. Once a court issues a Discharge you are no longer liable for the debt. Get a fresh start!

In Bankruptcy you may keep your car, home and personal property, all while receiving a Discharge for unsecured debts. Unsecured debts include credit cards, medical bills, utility bills and any other type of loans or credit that was extended without a collateral requirement. In many instances you may elect to surrender a car or home which is upside down and under-secured (meaning you owe more than what it is worth). This can help you manage your budget and improve cash flow.

If you have collection accounts, missed/late payments, charge-offs, repossessions or judgments it is very likely that filing for Bankruptcy may be the quickest way to improve your credit. This is due to the fact that obtaining a discharge may lead to an improvement in your credit score. This will all depend upon what your credit score was before you filed bankruptcy. Imagine a fresh start!

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